wildlife - lake house in JeziernikWoods nearby the house are abundant with wild fauna. Among many species inhabiting forests surrounding the house most noticeable are deer, roe deer, red deer and wild boars. While walking or cycling in the woods, if you move quietly enough, you can meet hares, foxes, badgers and raccoon dogs.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikEvery spring is announced by loud and cheerful trumpeting calls (in Polish it is known as “klangor”) of Common cranes in early March; those magnificent birds come from the South from year to year over and over again.

The turn of September and October – incoming autumn – is a time of deer rutting. Throughout the whole year, staggering species of rare birds of prey, such as Red Kites (Milvus milvus), Western Marsh – harriers (Circus auruginosus) and White – tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla), glide in the sky. In the winter – directly from the house – you may see a fish – hunting otter.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikDuring the whole year cunning beavers sneak in the river valley or swim swiftly in the waters of Biała River.They cause multiple problems as they knock down trees with an engineering precision and build dams what results in local flooding in the upper reaches of the river.Their “work” can be observed a few dozen meters from the house.

In the winter we help wild animals by feeding them with hay and lick lumps of salt.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikThe house is not fenced from the forest. Due to the presence of wild animals in the woods and deer living in a semi – natural state on the neighbouring property all dogs should be under strict control.