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Historic house at the lake

Historic house at the lake

lake house in JeziernikOur house at the lake is located in Western Pomerania at the very end of the Lake Bielsko and next to the mouth of a crystal clear river Biała, 8 km south of the town Biały Bór in the eastern Drawskie Lakeland (Pojezierze Drawskie) close to Tuchola Forest (Bory Tucholskie) and Kashubia (Kaszuby).

Neighbourhood is one the most densely forested both in Poland and Europe. The whole region is famous for picturesque lakes, rivulets and rivers. Jeziernik itself is a small settlement consisting of six hauses – remnants of Seeműhle estate whose existence was terminated due to incoming soviet offensive in January 1945. Our house was built in 1869 and belonged to the estate owners.

lake house in JeziernikThe property is bordered by a mixed forest, which is a part of a huge forest complex ranging from Szczecinek (Neustettin) and Czarne (Hammerstein) to Tuchola and Kościerzyna.
Despite the fact that the house underwent a complete refurbishment and renovation in the years 2007 – 2009, it maintained atmosphere of the old mansion.

We are deeply convinced that the time spent at the beautiful lakeside and in the heart of Pomeranian forests will be long and well-remembered.

We would like to invite you cordially to visit us!

A bit of history – lake mansion house

A bit of history – lake mansion house

lake mansion house in JeziernikSeeműhle (Lake Mill) estate was built in the mid 19th century and the house itself was finished in 1869. The whole property consisted of – among many others – the house, water mill, a granary, a sawmill, stables, barns and a forge. Until today only the house and forge survived.

Around Jeziernik there are multiple places of interest, among them remains of Pomeranian Wall (Pommernstellung), which underwent directly near the house and the lake.

lake mansion house in JeziernikAlmost all of the bunkers built by Germans in 1933 and 1934 along the Bielsko Lake, River Biała and railway remained undamaged. Within a radius of 2km there are a dozen of them, the closest one is situated only 100 m from the house. While hiking in the forest you can easily come across the remains of the old trenches and anti – tank ditches.

Luckily for the estate, Jeziernik was not under direct soviet attack. Forces of 3rd Armoured Corps breached Pomeranian Wall on the night of 26th to 27th February 1945 in the vicinity of railway crossing in Drzonowo (3km to the south) and after a severe fighting on 27th – 28th February in Biały Bór (8km to the north).

lake mansion house in JeziernikRight after the war this part of Pomerania was mainly inhabited by people of Ukrainian and Lemko origin, resettled during the “Vistula” Operation.
Biały Bór and its neighbourhood is a place where Ukrainian minority has still a very large representation, even local middle and high school are named after famous Ukrainian poet – Taras Schevchenko. Orthodox church situated in the town, designed and decorated by professor Jerzy Nowosielski, is an iconic example of local architecture. Bielica Village – located in a large forest clearing 8km from Jeziernik – is famous for annual folk celebrations of Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24th.

Seeműhle estate was nationalised in 1945 and the house became a local bureau of the newly created National Agrarian Farm (PGR). After its liquidation farm was abandoned and fell into ruin. In 1994 the Agricultural Property Agency (ANR) sold it to a private person. Unfortunately, despite multiple trials to overhaul the building its degradation continued.

lake mansion house in JeziernikCrucial for saving the building from a complete dilapidation was the year 2007. After purchasing the property almost entirely destroyed in May 2007, we proceeded with vast renovations and arranging its closest neighbourhood. The overhauling process was generally finished in 2009 but we still conduct minor upgrades and repairs.

lake mansion house in JeziernikRebuilding the old farm building next to the house will be done in the coming years. New facility in the style of an ancient Prussian building will consist of 5 guest rooms, common ground floor and some storage space.