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wildlife - lake house in JeziernikWoods nearby the house are abundant with wild fauna. Among many species inhabiting forests surrounding the house most noticeable are deer, roe deer, red deer and wild boars. While walking or cycling in the woods, if you move quietly enough, you can meet hares, foxes, badgers and raccoon dogs.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikEvery spring is announced by loud and cheerful trumpeting calls (in Polish it is known as “klangor”) of Common cranes in early March; those magnificent birds come from the South from year to year over and over again.

The turn of September and October – incoming autumn – is a time of deer rutting. Throughout the whole year, staggering species of rare birds of prey, such as Red Kites (Milvus milvus), Western Marsh – harriers (Circus auruginosus) and White – tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla), glide in the sky. In the winter – directly from the house – you may see a fish – hunting otter.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikDuring the whole year cunning beavers sneak in the river valley or swim swiftly in the waters of Biała River.They cause multiple problems as they knock down trees with an engineering precision and build dams what results in local flooding in the upper reaches of the river.Their “work” can be observed a few dozen meters from the house.

In the winter we help wild animals by feeding them with hay and lick lumps of salt.

wildlife - lake house in JeziernikThe house is not fenced from the forest. Due to the presence of wild animals in the woods and deer living in a semi – natural state on the neighbouring property all dogs should be under strict control.

For anglers

For anglers

The nearest angling positions are located within 20m from the house!

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy Bielsko Lake (40m from the house) Biała River (20m) and wild ponds created in the chalk mining excavations (approx. 400m).

Bielsko is a large and picturesque lake with a surface of 278 ha and varying depths of up to 23m. Dominant species are: roach (Rutilus rutilus), perch (Perca fluviatilis) and bream (Abramis brama). It is not uncommon to catch a pike (Esox Lucius) and eel (Anguila anguila). We fish from our pier or from a boat (which you can rent at place). According to the stories told by local anglers, still in the eighties the lake was full of eel and pikes as big as logs. Unfortunately draining of the past two decades had negative effect on the lake’s ecosystem. Nevertheless, you won’t experience lack of bites for sure! In the winter, when the icecap reaches an adequate strength, under ice – fishing enthusiasts are welcomed to practice.

Completely different angling experience provides fishing in Biała River. Its clean and shallow waters, diverse stream and a lot of obstacles will ensure emotions. Anglers can count on meeting at least three species of predatory fish: perch, pike and trout sometimes.

Fishing licenses can be purchased in Biały Bór and Szczecinek.

We wish you spectacular bites



Our region is one of the environmentally cleanest in Poland. Very high forestation rate, lack of heavy industry, a large number of lakes and rivers and lush meadows – all of the abovementioned features will make the lovers of fine, bio and healthy cuisine satisfied. Below we place a few ideas where to buy local food of a highest quality:

  • Dairy – Organic Agricultural Farm run by Marian Nowak in Grabów (15km from Jeziernik) – excellent white cheese, butter, kefir and sour cream.
  • Honey – collected in a well – known Patalas family apiary located in Biernatka No. 20 on the way from Czarne to Borkowo (25km from Jeziernik). We recommend “Forest Raspberry” honey – a real rarity.
  • Eggs – from chickens running freely in green and unspoiled environment can be purchased at mrs. mayors in the nearby Drzonowo (3km from Jeziernik).
  • Excellent smoked trout prepared by our Host at place. Fish come from a small farm established on a crystal clear river Czernica. In addition to smoked fish served straight from the smokehouse you can also get fresh fish and roast them on the grill or prepare them in our smokehouse. It is delicate and tasty.
  • Mushrooms and berries – in summer and autumn fruiting abundantly in the surrounding woods. Less steadfast may visit one of the local stocks in Brzezie or Bielica.
  • Fish – from May to October nearby lake and river are abounding in fish. We recommend fried perches for they unique taste.
  • Game – on special request, we can arrange the purchase of veterinary controlled, excellent game from legal hunting. Well prepared rosted deer meet or wild boar served with cranberries is both healthy and exquisite in taste.
  • For horse riders

    For horse riders

    People practicing horsemanship can indulge their passion in two professional centres – Karolewko Stables and Equestrian Training Centre (known formerly as “Stallion Herd”) in Bialy Bór. Both just 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by bike. Each of them has dozens of horses of sustainable and peaceful nature.