ecology - lake house in JeziernikThe house is situated within unspoiled environment, surrounded by crystalline, fragrant waters and air with a scent of chaste forests. All guests must always remember that clean waters of the river and lake, green surroundings and wild animals in the woods nearby require responsible behaviour. We are particularly devoted to protection of the environment. The house is equipped with an installation of solar water heating system and household sewage treatment plant. We also sort wastes meticulously.

We are convinced that our guests share green lifestyle beliefs with us.

Therefore we will be grateful for:

    ecology - lake house in Jeziernik

  • waste segregation (plastics, glass, paper and bio waste should be placed into separate containers – further information on this topic will be provided by the host),
  • efficient use of warm water (showering in hot water heated by solar installation is a double pleasure),
  • responsible and economic usage of electricity,
  • not leaving any rubbish or waste in the woods and on the property,
  • diligent extinguishing of bonfires after the evening meetings.

Our house is a “smoke free” zone – smoking tobacco in any form inside the house is not appreciated. Of course you can smoke without any restrictions outside the house. We kindly request our guests to leave cigarette butts in prepared ashtrays only.