For anglers

For anglers

The nearest angling positions are located within 20m from the house!

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy Bielsko Lake (40m from the house) Biała River (20m) and wild ponds created in the chalk mining excavations (approx. 400m).

Bielsko is a large and picturesque lake with a surface of 278 ha and varying depths of up to 23m. Dominant species are: roach (Rutilus rutilus), perch (Perca fluviatilis) and bream (Abramis brama). It is not uncommon to catch a pike (Esox Lucius) and eel (Anguila anguila). We fish from our pier or from a boat (which you can rent at place). According to the stories told by local anglers, still in the eighties the lake was full of eel and pikes as big as logs. Unfortunately draining of the past two decades had negative effect on the lake’s ecosystem. Nevertheless, you won’t experience lack of bites for sure! In the winter, when the icecap reaches an adequate strength, under ice – fishing enthusiasts are welcomed to practice.

Completely different angling experience provides fishing in Biała River. Its clean and shallow waters, diverse stream and a lot of obstacles will ensure emotions. Anglers can count on meeting at least three species of predatory fish: perch, pike and trout sometimes.

Fishing licenses can be purchased in Biały Bór and Szczecinek.

We wish you spectacular bites